Buyurgan Group Steel Division is made up of individuals who are experts in their fields. As a result of the stress on its human resources and their continuous training and development, the sales and marketing teams implement the most advanced sales and marketing techniques in their operations.

The most remarkable advantages of our sales and marketing teams to our customers can be summarized as follows:

• Timely and accurate response to all customer needs

• Application of all internationally recognized trade practices

• Instantaneous adaptation to market changes thanks to usage of the most developed information and communication systems

• Ability to satisfy all customers' requirements with regards to serving the most complicated trade structures

• Ability to offer the best sales alternatives due to the deep knowledge in sourcing, logistics, transportation and finance.

• Strategic planning and guidance for customers according to the accurate forecasts due to extensive knowledge about the markets and trends.

In addition to its own sales and marketing staff, Buyurgan Group Steel Division has been developing a worldwide agency network in many countries in the Far East, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

We are fully aware of the fact that the continuous success and growth is behind the selection of the right partners.

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Trade Range

butonmavi.jpg (2141 bytes) Long Products 32%
butonkirmizi.jpg (2132 bytes) Flat Products 28%
butonsari.jpg (2125 bytes) Raw Materials 14%
butonturkuaz.jpg (2125 bytes) Semi Finished Steels 12%
butonkrem.jpg (2125 bytes) Tubular Products 9%
butonyesil.jpg (2124 bytes) Other Steel Prýducts 5%

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butonmavi.jpg (2141 bytes) CIS 46%
butonkirmizi.jpg (2132 bytes) Turkey 28%
butonsari.jpg (2125 bytes) Eastern Europe 15%
butonyesil.jpg (2124 bytes) Others 11%

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butonmavi.jpg (2141 bytes) Far East 35%
butonkirmizi.jpg (2132 bytes) Turkey 18%
butonsari.jpg (2125 bytes) Europe 12%
butonturkuaz.jpg (2125 bytes) Africa 14%
butonkrem.jpg (2125 bytes) The Americas 11%
butonyesil.jpg (2124 bytes) Middle East 8%