With the aim of controlling all the steps in trade transactions and to be able to give the best price alternatives and the best service to our customers, the Steel Division has developed its own logistic networks.

We have complete control in our sourcing countries for local transportation services to guarantee safe, fast and the most economical way to carry our products.

All the logistics for the transportation of various steel products from the producing mills up to the receipt of the goods by the customers are totally controlled by our fully professional delegates who are completely aware of the correct handling of steel products as follows:

Safe transportation of the steel products from the mill up to the loading port by the most suitable means (wagons, trucks, etc)

Correct stowage in the port area if the carrying vessel is not immediately available for loading

Correct loading and stowage in the carrying
vessel (lashing/securing/dunnaging) depending on the characteristics of the steel product.

Ensuring a safe sea voyage to the discharge port

Safe discharging and ensuring a suitable reception by the receivers.

The Steel Division is specialized in sea transportation and is working in close cooperation with the right channels including the reliable owners of seaworthy vessels, worldwide operators and ship brokers and guarantees deliveries up to the customers destinations.

The Steel Division fully takes into consideration that transport cost is one of the main and most dominant factors, in addition to the production costs, in formulating the final price of the steel products given to the customers. In this respect our slogans for logistics are;

Just In Time (JIT) service with a completely organized system

Safe transportation fulfilling all the carriage necessities

The proper carriage means with minimum cost

All the benefits of having established our own channels for logistics are totally reflected to our customers with the most reliable deliveries and competitive pricing.


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