Dear partners and friends,

Starting with the establishment of Buyurgan Group's first company in 1984, our main corporate philosophy has been continuous growth and success, fully respecting the following main criteria:

To work hard,

To be honest and reliable,

To have respect and concern for everybody,

To consider our customers and suppliers as our close partners and friends,

To keep all our promises and fulfill all our commitments,

To think big and have big but achievable targets,

Acting with full integrity with the above-mentioned criteria, continuous growth and success have been easily achieved.

Today if Buyurgan Group is one of the main actors in worldwide trade of various commodities, this is because we believe that international trade which is our prime mission, is not only the base for bringing prosperity to all nations, but also the most important guarantee for peace in the world.

Our Steel Division, the flagship and forerunner of the group and operating with the same corporate philosophy, has now become a worldwide steel trading giant acting in all major international markets.

If your aim is also continuous growth and success in the steel business, come and join our family for a mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Sincerely yours.


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