Since 1984

The first company of the group was established in 1984 in Turkey with the aim of importing coking coal to Turkish Iron and Steel Works. Big success in handling millions of tons of coal and establishing close relations with the steel and mining industry led Buyurgan to the establishing of other group companies in and out of Turkey. And Buyurgan Group has become one of the leading trading groups in the worldwide trade of mining products, iron and steel and related commodities. Presently the Group represents around 40 international companies exclusively and supplies commodities and equipment to its customers. The Group also has its own web of agents worldwide in order to establish an efficient flow of information, together with its goods and services.

A Worldwide Steel Trading Giant

Buyurgan Group Steel Division, the flagship of the group, is mainly active in the international steel trading of a wide range of carbon steel products.

The Steel Division is mainly sourcing steel products from the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.), Eastern Europe and Turkey and selling them all over the world through a wide customer base.

Highly talented, experienced and dynamic experts of the Steel Division are acting in a most professional way and are ready to satisfy all partners' (suppliers' and customers') expectations using the most modern instruments of the information age.

The Steel Division is acting as a principal in steel trading and handles and coordinates all trade-related activities with the division's own sources and knowledge.
The main activities covered by the Steel Division can be summarized as follows :

Material Procurement
Transport Logistics
Trade Finance
Sales and Marketing

The Steel Division is actively trading bulk quantities of all major carbon steel products starting from raw materials to finished and processed items.

The trading range of the Steel Division can be classified in six main categories as follows :

Steel Making Raw Materials
Semi Finished Steel Products
Long Steel Products
Flat Steel Products
Tubular Steel Products
Other Steel Products

Excellent business results and achievements of all ambitious expansion plans have given Buyurgan Group Steel Division a high credibility in the world market and in Turkey, making it The Biggest Independent Steel Trader In Turkey.


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